BattleGround Zero: Q & A

In the last couple of months, we saw a big rise in the number of active players and on our discord server.first of all, we’d like to say thank you for your support, participation and generally just for being a GAMER!but with a big number of players, comes a big number of question, and this … Read moreBattleGround Zero: Q & A

This year was the closest Cloud9 was gonna get to winning their first LCS title in 5 years! Meanwhile, Team Liquid was looking to make history with their 5th consecutive title, a feat never done before by any other team. Both of the teams fought hard and rightfully so. they both had more than enough … Read moreHope | 2019 LCS Summer Finals (Team Liquid vs. Cloud9)

Pantheon has received a FULL Visual and gameplay update and it was just released earlier today! Starting with the story, this time instead of rebooting the champion’s story like RIOT usually does for champion reworks, RIOT decided to move the story in time. and oh boy did the writers at riot do a great JOB! … Read morePantheon, the Unbreakable Spear Finally Hits Live servers! Here’s what you Need to Know!

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