League Of Legends: 10-year anniversary!


We are glad to announce FLASH Tournaments, check the tournament page on a daily basis and a last minute tournament might appear with FREE tournaments and cool prizes!! On March 6, 2019 WE ARE DOING THE LOL TOURNAMENT!! and 32 people registered in less than 10 hours…. KEEP IT UP GAMERS!! RULES: YOU MUST REGISTER AT https://www.battlegroundzero.co.uk/tournaments/, follow us in Social Media, and in Discord. Who knows.. maybe an Overwatch Tournament might happen in the next 24 hours….


We are happy to announce that we are adding DISCORD to our network of social media platforms. Find us and interact closely with us RIGHT HERE!!



BIG NEWS!!!! FOR POPULAR DEMAND……. March 30, 2019

Due to popular DEMAND, and YES WE LISTEN….. we will open the AMATEUR CUP to ALL 3 Platforms: PS4, XBOX, and PC. Depending on SIGN UPS it would be run, otherwise, all players or teams would be moved to the next date. The TOURNAMENT PAGE would be updated NEXT WEEK accordingly, 1 TILE PER PLATFORM. The Intercontinental Cup still for PC only, depending on sign ups on the Amateur Cup we will open the Intercontinental Cup to XBOX and PS4.

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GREAT NEWS!! REGISTRATION IS OPEN!! to BOTH Amateur and Intercontinental Cup

THIS IS AN ONLINE TOURNAMENT! PC ONLY!! For Now… with OVER 60 000 USD!!! in Cash Money and Prizes available..Participants can play from ANY region of the WORLD providing there is an internet connection good enough to play the game, and registration has been successfully completed. Details will be provided 1 week BEFORE the event.





There are TWO Leagues:

  • Amateur: for beginners and casual players.

  • Intercontinental Cup League: for serious players that DEMAND higher prizes and higher CASH money for their skills and time…up to 5000 USD in CASH per Team guaranteed!


The AMATEUR League is designed for beginners and casual players with interesting awards and prizes, with a ONE TIME FREE PASS to monthly eliminations for the INTERCONTINENTAL CUP. This ONE TIME FREE PASS is only applicable to FIRST PLACE WINNERS for the AMATEUR LEAGUE. The Intercontinental Cup is the equivalent of a MASTER LEVEL Competition with higher prize pools and awards such as Dell Alienware Aurora R7 computers, Gaming Monitors, Gaming Chairs, and 5000 USD in Cash for First Place finishers in December 2019, and much more.

There would be raffles among ALL Participants to BOTH The Intercontinental Cup and Amateur League, however, the higher prizes and awards will always be in the Intercontinental Cup.


2. Any player or Team can compete or register in either the Intercontinental Cup or Amateur Cup, there are no restrictions based on skill or levels, just win the matches and the cash is YOURS TO KEEP.


3. GRAND FINALS per GAME will be held in December 2019 please review the Tournament Page for further details.


4. Prize Pool per month will be increased depending on signups, the goal is to DOUBLE THE CASH MONEY per month and  GRAND FINAL CASH PRIZES. The amounts disclosed in the Tournament Page are the minimum guaranteed.


5. Battleground Zero reserves the right to reschedule the tournament dates and depending on team signups. Your fees will be carried over to the NEXT event date depending on number of teams registered. An official notification will be sent to the email accounts used to register for the tournament for each individual team.


6. Team Captains are the main point of contact per Team, and any communications and decisions will be communicated to your Team Captain. Also, only Team Captains are allowed to contact the Organizers, any questions from any team members will be answered directly to the Team Captain.


Still stalling your Esports career?

Starting a career in Esports can be intimidating. Putting things on hold in order to focus on esports, or devoting all of your time to your passion can and will attract criticism from others; even from people within gaming. Nonetheless, focusing on your professional gaming career has its perks and the abundance of tournaments happening makes it easier than ever. By Vasilis Kalfountzos

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