Look for participating Merchants and Vendors that display the seal “YES WE GAME!!!” and…. YOU GET HUGE DISCOUNTS because you are an ELITE GAMER!!! and Battleground Zero Gaming Arenas got you covered… yeah competition you try that…. If you are a Vendor or Merchant interested to be part of our network, reach us at contact@battlegroundzero.co.uk Subject: YES WE GAME!!

How does it work?


2. Set up our Logo in your cellphone as a Wallpaper by selecting the image below and select download. Once it has been downloaded into your phone, just set it as a Wallpaper, and BOOM YOU ARE DONE!

3.  Check the list of Merchants and Vendors below and the deals displayed accordingly, and select the one you want, you can do all of them or only one of them.

4. Go to the Merchant or Vendor Location that displays the “YES WE GAME!!!” seal, and show them your cellphone Wallpaper with our logo, and you got the deal! Notice that many Merchants or Vendors have different operators , so look for the SEAL FIRST and then ask for the discount. If the Merchant does not have it, ask them to reach out to us at contact@battlegroundzero.co.uk  Subject: YES WE GAME, and  we will do our best to enroll them.


United States








Deal: 10% discount on your entire purchase ANYTIME (Italian)

Location: 99 Main St (at Court St.), White Plains,NY, 10601

Phone: +1 914 288 9300

Deal: 15% discount on your entire purchase ANYTIME (Italian)

Location: 8 CITY PLACE • (at City Center Between Main Street and Martine Avenue) WHITE PLAINS, NY 10601 Phone: 914-328-4000

Deal:  Spend 30 USD or more, and get 10 USD OFF of your entire purchase, ANYTIME

Location: 264 Main St, White Plains, NY 10601 Phone: (914) 358-9702

Deal: 10% off of your entire purchase, ANYTIME (NO SEAL AVAILABLE JUST SHOW OUR LOGO and MENTION OUR BRAND) contact person: Tony Kemna, General Manager

Location: 30 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601 Phone: (914) 993-6358

Restaurants at the Galleria Mall White Plains, NY at 100 Main St White Plains, NY, 10601, EXCLUSIVE LOCATIONS

Deal: 10% off ANYTIME on any of these restaurants

Location: Galleria Mall Only

Deal: AFTER 8 30 pm ANY DAY , 2 pizza slices for 5 USD or 6 pizza slices for 10 USD

Location: Galleria Mall Only

Deal: ANYTIME ANY DAY !!! FREE FRY & DRINK!! with the purchase of ANY SUB!!! YUM!!!


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